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Ensuring that you are taking the right medication and more

A crucial part of psychotherapy is the proper intake of medication and how it affects the patient. Once we have prescribed you with medication, we will instruct on when and how often you should take it for the best results. We can adjust the dosage and intake time depending on the results.

Certain mental health issues are treated through a combination of psychotherapy and medications. To determine which kinds of treatments a person needs, a client first undergoes evaluation. This process involves interviews, and clients may be asked to answer batteries of tests to assess their psychosocial health. This will help the professional to arrive at a diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan. While psychotherapy allows a person to express their thoughts and emotions, medications will help manage hormones and neurotransmissions that can affect a person’s overall mood and behavior. Prescribed medications need to be adhered to; thus, our mental health professionals regularly check the clients’ ability to take medications with the right doses and their effects on the clients’ health.

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